Down to Business?

Getting down to the last few major pieces before leaving for England – the student visa application and buying a plane ticket.

I know I really shouldn’t be concerned about getting the visa, but of course I’ll fret until I hear the verdict. Gotta love how much you can start questioning what things mean when you’re stressing out about them. “Original academic qualifications used to apply to the university” can mean just my final transcript and degree, or all my transcripts from the schools I’ve been to, or they could need my reference letters from when I first applied to the university… [deep breaths] I’m sure there’s more information on what they’ll require for a US citizen in particular when I fill out the online application. If not, I can always overnight any information if absolutely necessary.

It’s all very silly to have to wait until 3 months before classes start before I can apply for the visa when they also say you can show up a month early, but also say it could take up to 8 weeks to get the visa through. Basically it seems to just be hoping for a quick processing and no missing paperwork.

Anyway, I’ll be getting those passport sized photos in the next week after I double-check on what proportions they need and making sure I have all those lovely papers they need in the meantime. 12:01 AM July 1st will see me frantically typing away and then madly running to the post office the next morning.

Then it’ll just be back to the waiting game again, as per usual.

To my friends and loved ones I’ve been tormenting with my worrying – you are all AMAZING and I couldn’t ask for better people in my life. I swear, I’ll shut up about it as soon as I can.

— Kate