So Close to DONE

So with much appreciated help and translation from British English into American English legalese, as well as a miracle from Mom in finding my old passport, my Tier 4 General Student visa has been filled out and paid for. For the record, visas don’t come cheap. Ouch.

I’m beginning to think that I need to get a bigger envelope for all these papers to send to the New York office. I have a biometrics appointment here in town on Thursday for fingerprinting and I think yet another photograph. I may as well get my new driver’s license too while I’m out on Thursday all dolled up. After that, it’s back to the old sit on my hands and wait routine. Here’s to hoping the visa is processed quickly, as I’m opting not to pay the $170 on top of everything else to have it fast-tracked. There is some serious money in international life, and this week it all seems to be hemorrhaging from me. Yikes. Now to find a good price on plane flights!

— Kate




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