One Day I’ll Fly Away…

…Actually, I have a date firmly chosen. 😉 Plane ticket has been bought and not at a totally soul-crushing price too! Flying out around noon from Salt Lake City with American Airlines and British Airways, same as last time. (If I get my flight dropped and/or changed 5 times like last time however, there is going to be an irate Kate.)

The only major trouble is that Mom starts her new school year on Sept 2, so I may take the last Salt Lake Express bus down to the airport the night of the 3rd and leave the next morning so I can get proper goodbyes in. The waterworks will be something fierce, I can already guarantee. Need to get an advance fare train ticket towards Leicester from when I get to the airport, but I’m hesitant to get one until maybe a month before so I don’t get a flight switcheroo that renders the ticket useless. Wouldn’t it be great if when you bought something for a scheduled time that everything actually always happened at that time so you could adequately plan around it? Yeah, that’d be awesome.




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