You are an explorer.

Getting packages in the mail is the best. Seriously, even if it’s something you already knew was coming or it’s something mundane, getting a big piece o’ mail is exciting.

With that preface, check out what I got in the mail today!

Museums Association! Woo!
Museum Association Member! Double woo!

I was honestly kind of surprised that this packet got here so quickly, considering it was coming from the UK on July 15th, and most mail I’ve shipped/received takes about 10-14 days. Granted, there was that one time that a card got there in three days, or the time I spaced out two letters and they still managed to arrive backwards… You’ve got to love the postal service, eh?

Anyway, I feel all fancy being part of an official association, and the membership card is RAD. Considering the fee I paid to join the MA, I’ve gone and covered any museum entrance fees, but I’m still giddily making a list of museums to go see with my free entry perk. Definitely going to abuse the pass to see the Tower in London when I get a chance. They’re getting pricey.

Now the question remains, where is the American Alliance of Museums’ packet for me? I signed up for both on the same day. *shrugs* Maybe they take longer to process. In the meantime, I’ll be browsing through open positions the MA have listed to get an idea of who needs staff and what they require.

— Kate