If not now, when?

Fourth of July has come and gone, cousins have visited and gone home, and now with an approved visa I’m left to contemplate the fact that I am definitely going to do this. There was a brief hiccup this week as my pre-paid return envelope seems to have disappeared from my application packet that I sent to New York, but I sent them what they needed via email today so it should hopefully all be sorted out. Visa should be in my hands by next week!

I am rapidly vacillating between excited and terrified, but I think that both the emotions are to be expected really. With everything now in place short of a packed suitcase, it’s become much more realistic than the original abstract idea of doing this, but I don’t regret a bit of it. Like everyone keeps saying, this is a chance of a lifetime and I intend to make the absolute best of it. 🙂

— Kate

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