We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong

And because I’m getting incredibly antsy in the meantime, I’ve delved back into Google Earth. If you don’t have this free gem of a program on your computer, you should seriously consider it. It’s a great way to lose 3 hours. 😉

Because the studio flat I’m letting is in a circular tower, all the rooms are just a smidge different. Purely by chance, I happened to click on the building on Earth and it turns out that Google has gone INSIDE with their cameras and you can get a view around for an idea of the teeny tiny rooms. This has seriously made my afternoon, and so of course I must share. Click around the image and you can see the room from different sections as well as walking into the bathroom just like walking around in Google Street View. You can even go down the hall and see the elevators and an entirely different room on the other side. I’m sure it’ll get old with the cramped space eventually, but for now it is shiny and new and exciting!

— Kate