Take chances when you’re young.

It’s now been a little over a month since I sent out all my paperwork and passport to the UKVI for my visa and while I’ve been accepted, I’ve yet to get said visa back. Somewhere along the way, my pre-paid return envelope has been lost and so a week after accepting me, they told me they needed another one. Urg. So I sent them one via email as requested on July 24th. They did warn me:

Problem with Application email

And so I wait with no word. The shipping info on USPS doesn’t show a thing, but it’s also USPS so I’m not really surprised that it has no tracking available. Priority mail should only take 3 days once shipped, and it’s now been 8 (business, not weekend) days. After scouring the interwebs, I only found a general email as a contact to their office, so I sent them a message and got a fairly prompt reply:

UKVI email 5

So I’ve sent them an email this afternoon to see what’s up. I can hope that USPS just goofed and didn’t get the tracking in, but I fear my passport is still sitting in a drawer somewhere in New York when I’m supposed to be outta here in less than a month. No bueno. No bueno indeed.


— Kate


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