Oh pants.

Finally just paid the £1.37 a minute to speak to the UKVI help line, even though I feared it would just give me the runaround like their email contact form did. I would like to send a fruit basket or something to the customer service there, as he was able to escalate my case and get me this confirmation this morning:

Visa return email

I can finally chill out and enjoy my last three weeks! (And everyone can breathe a sigh of relief that I have nothing to panic over anymore. 😉 ) I’ll now bring you back to the original post due up today – just had to get the good news out before we hit Yellowstone for the weekend and I disappear into a service-free zone.

Let us speak about pants and other adventures in the changes of English. You know, there are all those US-UK translation guides, but at this point surely everyone knows the whole “a fag is a cigarette” and “a bum bag is a fanny pack” and not to mix the two. Honestly though, I don’t smoke and the hip-held bags have not been hip since the middle of the 90s. What would be useful would be to explain such things as PANTS on a more regular basis. There are a lot of slang words that just haven’t crossed either direction and I’m still having to ask for definitions. Hopefully I have learned to safely avoid unknown offensive words, which unless totally confident will consist of my non-acknowledgement of any ethnicity or race. At times, I really think it’d be easier having to actually learn an entirely new language than this shift between Englishes, but it’s entertaining at times too. I remain convinced that American English and British English are not homogenizing, but instead are continuing to separate into different languages entirely. Maybe within the next 250 years.

— Kate

This will be the one to kill me, I swear.

6 thoughts on “Oh pants.

  1. Congrats on the visa! I went to study in the UK two years ago and the visa was such a stressful process!! Also, oh yeah ‘pants’ is always causing me problem! I try to use the word ‘trousers’ whenever I’m with Brits. A friend of mine once walked into class after walking in the rain for 30 minutes and said ‘oh no my pants are so wet’ and everyone was kind of put off by her haha


    1. Oh the poor thing! Will have to repeat trousers like a mantra until it’s a thing. Y’know, I always heard people talk about how stressful the visa was and I thought they were just being dramatic, but I completely understand now. There’s SO much more than just waiting.


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