“Speak Like an American!” According to STA UK Travel Services

(I cannot in good faith tell anyone to use this guide, but it’s an excellent laugh if they try.)

Wanna speak the American ‘language’?  Check out the ten American phrases & words below so you can understand a bit of the lingo!  Some of these you might even recognise…

  1. Ain’t down with
    You use this one if you don’t like something – eg ‘I ain’t down with that burger’.
  2. Backfire
    When something didn’t go according to plan.
  3. Bender
    Something you will more than likely engage in – a heavy drinking session.
  4. Bro’
    Used to describe a male friend.
  5. Da bomb
    Another word for awesome, amazing, the best – eg ‘that song was da bomb!’
  6. Dewzie, doozie
    Something really big or spectacular. The thunderstorm was a real dewzie.
  7. Happenin’
    An event or a person who is cool.
  8. Homey, homie
    A member of a street gang, or a member of your neighbourhood (also known as ‘hood’).
  9. In a New York minute
  10. Rip-snorter
    An excellent thing.

2 thoughts on ““Speak Like an American!” According to STA UK Travel Services

  1. WHY are a lot of these from the 70’s and 80’s? And since when is a “homie” a member of a street gang? Where the hell have I been? Bahahaha! This reminds me of when I first heard the term “ned” in Scotland. I looked it up and part of the definition was a young person who “engages in acts of hooliganism.” XD


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