Happy birthday little brother!

Life is getting hectic, but my only little brother turns the big 2-1 today and I would feel like a terrible sister for not being around to witness at least some of the party with the new “adult” adult in the family. I’m sure I’ll hear plenty of whining tomorrow via text with the inevitable hangover that will follow, and with the quality of sleep on a plane, I’ll be feeling pretty whiney too, I’m sure. We can complain together instead of complaining about each other. Sibling love ladies and gents.

Just a quick quip today, as nothing is going on that isn’t already expected or mentioned. 🙂 I was thinking and realized that if you look up travel blogs on England, it is London INTENSE. Last I checked on the Expat Blog ring, I was the only, lone blogger out of Leicester. That is lame, and I want to remedy this.

London is great. London should definitely be seen if you can. I love any and all time I can squeeze into that ancient city, but there is so much more than London in the United Kingdom that just doesn’t get mentioned. So if you’re expecting a London-fest from this when I arrive, run away now. (Seriously, I’m studying in the middle of England – London won’t be some weekend event every week.) While I’m there I’ll gladly go on about it, but I’d like to show that the rest of the country has so much to offer that just kinda gets swallowed up by the London Fever that seems to strike Americans.

Anyhoo, that’s all I needed to get out. Back to bag sorting. 🙂

— Kate