Curious what life is like when you live abroad? Wander on over. Half the time it’s rave reviews about something old I’ve found, but I do talk about culture, tradition, and what makes life tick in general.

This blog was started at the beginning of 2014 as my graduation started looming overhead and I had begun the process of applying for graduate school at the University of Leicester. I was doing my Master’s Degree in Museum Studies at the university over the course of a year.

I wanted to start writing down my personal experiences I go through from “wild idea of going to England” to “I’m actually here” not only for my own personal amusement, but for my friends and family that want to see what I got into and maybe even follow in my footsteps. As the years have passed, I have grown and this blog will grow with me. I’ll continue to write (and hopefully a little more regularly), but rather than being an intrepid reporter for all things *different* between the US and the UK, I’d like to just write about life as it happens.

This isn’t really meant to be a how-to on getting by as an international as I’m barely figuring these things out on my own. These writings will focus on more of the broad experience of getting to know England and its differences from what I’ve grown up with as well as the learning experiences. There will be silliness and plenty of photos of both extraordinary and everyday life, and of course, all thoughts are my own personal ramblings unless otherwise stated.

Got questions? Ask away! It may even show up as a blog post in the future.

— Kate

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